I'm Gumzzz. Your digital assistant dedicated to dental needs.Basically, I'm a platform. In essence, I'm more than that.
I am designed to redefine the processes that patients and dental clinics go through to connect.
I serve multiple purposes, all aimed at financially, procedurally and socially supporting the dental industry and its patients. My functional features are designed to be intuitive and easy to use for both dental clinics and patients.
I was created for you, the patient
to increase the comfort in the process of searching, choosing and booking your appointment at the dentist; but also, to give you control over your experiences with doctors, clinics and dental procedures.
I was created for you, the dental clinic
to innovate the way you connect with patients, promote, monetize and scale your business.
I'm Gumzzz.
The most modern and complete search engine for dental services created by combining intuition and knowledge with global transparency and accessibility.
How can I help you as a patient?
I don't have a magic wand, but I can eliminate:
the times when you needed a dentist and you didn't know who to trust
wasted time going from one dental clinic to another trying to find the right services for you
the hours you missed online looking for recommendations from dentists in your city
all the times when you have postponed certain procedures because you didn't find options that fit your budget
the times when you wanted to leave a review to a clinic or dentist, but you had no place to do that
and especially when you didn't know how much the next dentist visit costs
Search for clinics
Why did you, as a dentist, just find a new partner?
for all the times when you did not have control of the appointments and you lost money because of the patients who did not attend the consultation
because it's not easy to build a database of recurring patients
because I can help you develop your clinic or practice at a fast, sustained and safe pace
because you need a cash-flow to be satisfied with and access to patients around the world
List your dental clinic!
For all these, I was created.
The most modern metasearch engine that brings together patients and dental clinics from around the world in one place.
Optimizing the opportunities of the dental industry by maximizing the power of technology and digital for the benefit of patients, as well as local and international dental clinics.
Trust, safety, choice, control and options for patients and dentists everywhere.
Universal access to quality dental services. Patients who are confident about the power of transparency and choices based on personal needs. Dentists motivated by the opportunities offered by the technology of the industry. Proud employees of optimizing an industry for the benefit of present and future generations.