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Search dental clinics in any area.
Gumzzz is the platform that gathers clinics in one place so that it is easy for you to choose the desired clinic according to location, time, budget and evaluations. Gumzzz helps you find the best deals for all types of dental treatments listed by our partner clinics.
Compare prices and services, find information about clinics and read their reviews.
It has never been easier to compare the services and prices of dental treatments. With the help of Gumzzz, you have access to the profile of the partner clinics. Thus, you can make an informed decision based on both the verified information from the profile and the actual experiences and reviews shared by the patients who have benefited from the dental unit services.
Chat in real-time with any clinic on the platform.
Gumzzz offers you a chat module where you can talk, in real-time, with a designated person inside the chosen clinic. The chat allows you to upload documents (eg x-rays) to be viewed by the person you are communicating with. This way you receive personalized information related to the problem you are facing, tips or suggestions of treatments in real-time.
Book a consult, fast and easy, at any clinic of your choice.
With the help of Gumzzz, you can book an appointment at the clinic of your choice depending on your location, desired time period or budget. The platform will simplify your appointment process and will help you, through its functionalities, to pay quickly and easily using the bank card, keep track of the consultations through your own account in the platform or cancel any appointment at any time if you have personal problems.
Smile! You chose the best dental services suitable for you.
We believe in people and value their opinions. That’s why Gumzzz is here, to provide access to the best worldwide dental care services.
One platform, multiple benefits!
TimeNo more spending hours searching online for dental clinics.
MoneyThe platform allows you to ask multiple doctors for advice, sparing you from costly preliminary evaluations.
TrustGumzzz is here to help you make an informed decision based on other patients’ reviews.
InformationA chat box function allows you to communicate, in real time, with any clinic on the platform.
OffersThrough Gumzzz, you will have access to all promotions offered by the dental clinics on the platform.
OptionsYou have the option to choose from various dental clinics and services, the one that best suits your budget and schedule.