List your dental clinic in Gumzzz!Be a dental unit partner.
Gumzzz helps dental clinics to present their services professionally, reaching out to patients worldwide.


to patients worldwide through a transparent and secure environment.

Extra income

by benefiting from Gumzzz extra options and opening to clients everywhere.

Easy communication

with patients, in real-time, through a direct chat module to support them in the programming process.

High visibility

of the clinic for all categories of patients.


full and attractive digital presence through a professional profile with a complex description.


to the global dental market and an international client base.

Gumzzz offers patients quick access to you, best dental services, promotions and seasonal discounts.

Benefits offered by Gumzzz to dental units

Free chat support

Patients are offered the opportunity to communicate in real time with all dental clinics on the platform through a direct chat module. If the dental unit does not have internal resources to manage the live chat option, Gumzzz provides free of charge management of these interactions.

Free photo shoot

The platform is built to provide equal opportunities to all partner clinics, regardless of their size. To support this process, Gumzzz offers a free of charge professional photo shoot for each partner dental unit; the photographs will be used on their respective profiles.

Controlled access to medical files

The platform has an integrated module for uploading medical documents, in which patients can upload their dental files (eg. dental x-ray). Clinics will be able to view these files in a dedicated, user-friendly space.

Accreditation as Gumzzz Official Partner

Each dental unit on the platform will become an official partner of Gumzzz, subsequently receiving a sticker that they will be able to display at the entrance, as well as an accreditation certificate. Thus, the clinic receives validation from Gumzzz, a global platform trusted worldwide.

Gumzzz solves the problem of fake reviews.
Only patients who have been programmed through Gumzzz and have benefited from the services of your clinic can evaluate the profile, thus avoiding fake reviews. Comments and reviews are verified and approved by Gumzzz prior to publication.
One platform, multiple benefits
ControlYou have control over the appointments. This is how you make sure you don't lose any money because of patients who do not show up or cancel their appointment.
ImageYou develop your personal image and gain more popularity, especially if you are at the beginning of your career.
LoyaltyThrough Gumzzz you can build a database of recurring patients.
IncomeWe provide you with ways to keep a cash-flow to be satisfied with.
DevelopmentPresence on the Gumzzz platform helps you develop your clinic at an accelerated pace.
ExclusivityAs a Gumzzz partner you will have free access to medical conferences organized by us.